Export-Import Management Service

We spin the globe and find opportunities for you. A company could have more possibilities to expand their market, generating more sales, and avoids stagnation in their business by engaging in international business and international trade. However, many companies especially small and medium-sized companies face a lot of challenges due to the lack of knowledge or expertise.

We provide complimentary initial consultations and we will be working based on your specific needs & requirements. 

What we do:

  1. Finding products or services based on your preferences or do the research to help you find a new market.
  2. Act as your sales representative to sell your products & services
  3. Gathering and screening information about products, prices, & suppliers
  4. Product sampling and testing
  5. Quality checking
  6. Price negotiating
  7. Handling export & import paperwork
  8. Handling the payments & foreign exchange
  9. Handling the complaints, returns, refund and warranty cases 
  10. Representing you in contacts with the government & local authorities
  11. Supervising local delivery of goods & services

Key Facts:

  1. Customized services, based on clients specifics needs
  2. We provide quality services with affordable price 
  3. Our aim is to help small and medium-sized business to be able to compete with large company 
  4. By outsourcing your export & import management to us you can focus on your business
  5. We can effectively assist you, give you the best solution with less expenses
For those who wants to sell product overseas, import product or for foreign buyers who needs resources or goods from Indonesia. Please contact us by phone +62293492514 or email to adnadewi@yimeka.com for further discussion.